Customer Comments

"The funny part about my story is that I was looking online at Uno Alla Volta to buy a particular designer's earrings when a pair of Barbara Garwood's popped up on the screen. I fell in love with them immediately and ordered them thinking they were made by the other designer. When the boxes arrived the tag inside had Barbara's name on it with one of the pairs. That's when I realized who had made these lovely earrings. I had been intrigued with the other designer's pieces for a long time but was not a fan of the material they used. Your quality, design work, and craftsmanship far surpassed hers! Wish I had found your web store sooner."

-Katherine Gray
 Vancouver, WA

"Very friendly website. Easy to find and see all available jewelry. Easy for anyone to order from. I received what I ordered and it was exactly as shown- BEAUTIFUL! The jewelry is classy, well made, stylish, and unique. I have received many compliments and I will order more."

-Margaret Loy   
 Gibsonville, NC

"It was even more beautiful in person. I LOVE BARBARA GARWOOD Jewelry!!! When ordering on the net you always wonder... I ordered and it was here so fast it made my head swim!"

-Londa Von Weter 
 Rutherfordton, NC

"I just wanted to tell you that I think your jewelry is just stunning! You and your crew are very blessed to have such a unique and beautiful talent. I'm definitely planning on purchasing some in the near future and I plan to send this site out to my friends and family."

 -Pam Conley        
  Billings, Montana

"I am pleased to say that within the last month I became the very happy owner of 4 pairs of beautiful Garwood earrings. They are the perfect size and proportion. The colors and designs are outstanding, as well as the quality and craftsmanship. My experience was excellent. Keep up the great customer service. You treat people like they are really important. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. "

-Kathrine Gray 
 Vancouver, WA

"My husband purchased this ring and the matching necklace. Incomparable!" (In reference to ring F-427 and necklace F24-213 on purple beads)

-Andrea Hock                  
 Uno Alla Volta Customer

"I absolutely adore your jewelry and always feel special when I wear my first, but not my last, piece. People always notice it. One person asked if it was a family heirloom. A man asked if I purchased it in a particular jewelry store in Vienna, Austria! It is simply beautiful as well as unusual. Please keep designing.”

– Joan Couch

"I have a pendant and earrings - Love! I have been wanting another piece."

-Lynn Ammon Hair

“Love your beautiful jewelry!”

– April Lind

"The wisdom of the ages sparkles through to the present in the intricacy and beauty of the workmanship and design of this jewelry. I love wearing it."

- Barbara Adolfi

"I get nothing but compliments every time I wear a pair of your wonderful earrings- including today!"

- Barbara Lewis Favermann

"I have many Barbara Garwood pieces, and every time I wear one, I ALWAYS get compliments. Part of my collection, I admit, I inherited from my dear departed sister, so I treasure those, all the more...”

– Mozelle Karnette Stanton

“Nice to know that by buying a piece of Barbara's jewelry you are supporting women artisans in Mongolia and China and helping to ensure that this intricate and beautiful art form is not lost to the world.”

– Carol Ann Macon

"Barbara's Earrings are so beautiful and add a sparkle to any outfit. I wear mine with everything from jeans to gowns. Thank you Barbara.”

- Mollie Menzies Blades

"Love the unique style of this jewelry,I wear it every day.”

– Linda Hebert

“I adore your jewelry. Wearing earrings and a ring today. It is so unusual and I never wear a piece that I don't get comments. It is durable and affordable, but so beautiful, and looks much more expensive than it is priced. Thank you for such great designs!”

– Bo Bryant

"A Valentine's Special - Oh My goodness I Love the earrings and all your jewelry, I think they are beautiful. I actually gave a bracelet and earrings to an Auction for the American Liver Foundation here in Houston, TX and it was a HIT!!!!!! Both Men and Women wanted to win. Money was for a great cause. The Jewelry is so Elegant, beautifully made. If only I were that talented. The colors and gemstones are outstanding, and I also Love Filigree Jewelry. You're No. 1 in my books...”

– Anna Kekule

"Your jewelry is ornate, colorful, and of course, VERY reminiscent of the pre-WW2 Chinese jewelry I love and collect.”

– Marilyn Ostrow

"My wife loves this jewelry. Has had several items for approx. 10 years and purchases additional items periodically.”

– John Hardy

"Love this jewelry!! Unique styles and designs. Also soft and bold colors within the designs. I bought 2 necklaces which I love and get numerous compliments. Thank you. Keep them coming. “

– Rosemarie Ephlin

"Beautiful, original jewelry that is a delight to wear. Think I'll chose a piece to wear to work tomorrow...”

– Marie Mims Butler

“I have several pieces of your jewelry Barbara, and I love them because I find them, except for certain antique things I have seen, to be unique and interesting in this modern world. So lovely and versatile, I always receive compliments when I wear your pieces.”

– Anne Rogers Gentry

"I adore the intricacy of Barbara's designs. They are so luscious and regal! I am hoping to win the earrings as I am a big fan.”

– Alice Bailey

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