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Madeira Citrine
There's Exciting News to Report!!

There's Exciting News to Report!!

 A Quick Introduction to the Barbara Garwood Line

                                  There's Exciting News To Report!

I'll be living outside the USA
from Feb. 2017 for a few months.
  I'll be looking for some interesting new products
 to bring back home to offer you.
 Don't fret, I have plenty of Mongolian jewelry
 for when I return!
You can still browse the web site,
 but the shopping cart is disabled
 so you won't be able to purchase at this time.
Thanks for your continued support!


Each Barbara Garwood piece is handmade by craftswomen in a small village near Chinese Mongolia. Masters in the art have handed down their technique of delicately intertwining sterling silver wires for a 1000 years.

 They use tweezers to fashion the filigree into intricate patterns, flowers and butterflies.  While artisans who have mastered the art of enameling inlay enamel powders which when heated to 1500 F becomes a beautiful colored glass.

 Each piece of jewelry is either 24kt gold plated or given an antique silver finish then stamped 925 and “BG”.

 Lastly, the artisans set the stones